700 Springs Ranch Main Lodge

The 700 Springs Ranch Main Lodge sits on a bluff 80 feet above the springs.  These Springs are the headwaters of the South Llano River.

The main lodge has five rooms, four bathrooms, kitchen, 2 living areas and a large dining area.  Two of the bedrooms have king size beds, two of the bedrooms have twin beds, and one suite has a queen and two twin beds.

700 Springs Ranch Main Lodge Bunkhouse

The bunkhouse is a two bedroom, one bath, kitchen, dining area and living room.  It also has a very nice porch for lounging.  It is in the same yard at the main lodge and is often used as guest overflow.  It is also used for staff when we have larger events.  

700 Springs Ranch Manager House

The Ranch Manager's house is behind the Bunk house and has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and even a horse trough! A lovely country home for the Ranch Manager and their spouse.